Little Hope Charity

A dedicated NGO for needy, poor and helpless people in our society who doesn't get enough opportunities in their lifetime. We are with them !!


Do what you can? Where you are with? What you have?


You have two hands One to help yourself The second to help others !

Help the Needy

We rise by lifting Others !!

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Latest Help News

There are few stories with whom we have attached for many years and we are always with them in their needy times. That's why we are unique.

Bybapi Feb 4, 2017

Help the helpless

Helping hands are better than Praying Lips.

Bybapi Feb 4, 2017

Help the helpless

You have two hands, one to help yourself the second to help others.

Bybapi May 10, 2016

Help the helpless

An NGO for Poor, Needy and Helpless people.