We work and help the poor and needy people o grow them  in the growing  world  with all the possible ways either directly or other worthy cause through our NGO.

We at “Little hope Charity” provides  educational and socio – economic programs for the welfare and upliftment of the people irrespective of caste, community or creed and also to grant scholarship or donations for the said purposes.

Trust fund is used for Social/ Religious/Charitable purposes namely, eradication of poverty, education, medical relief, inculcation of good values and any other service that is for the good of the society.

We also help financially poor and destitute individuals  who are dire need of such assistance.  

We help and assistance for the relief of individuals effected by natural calamities such as Flood, Fire, Femine, Cyclone, Earthquake, Storm, Accidents, Pestilence, Drought, Epidemic, unbearable cost of living.

And we organise camps to educate people about HIV, AIDS, Cancer, Malaria/ Dengue, Contagious diseases, adverse effect of Alcoholism and to stress the importance of Sanitation, Civic sense, Clean and green Surroundings, environment, Global warming.

We also giving training to the poor and needy students to prepare for interview, Communication Skills and conduct seminars on different topics related to social issues.